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Tripoli Montana (Prefecture #113) is the local Tripoli rocketry group, formed in March, 1999. We are the Tripoli Rocketry Association high power part of the Big Sky Rocketry Association. We currently have several Tripoli members, and are interested in more active members. Please email Dale Emery if you are interested in joining or finding out more information. Dues are $20.00 per year and includes membership in the Big Sky Rocketry Association. We hold monthly launches from April to October (March and November if weather allows) if you want to come out and see what it is all about.

2020 Launch Schedule - Next launch scheduled for May 16th, if COVID-19 restrictions are reduced.

Launch Location

Launch photos (July 2019 launch photos are posted)

Tripoli Montana members

Big Sky Rocketry Association

Membership Application (PDF file)

Backroads of Montana episode that features the Big Sky Rocketry Association.

What exactly is certification for HPR?

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